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Tranquil Tansy - Facial Cleansing Oil

Tranquil Tansy - Facial Cleansing Oil

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Cleansing oil for dry or mature skin. This gorgeous blue oil is hydrating without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Reduces redness and lessens the look of fine lines.

INGREDIENTS: *chickweed, *rose, *reishi, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *castor oil, essential oils of *blue tansy and *geranium SUGGESTED USE: gently massage into warm, damp skin in a circular motion. Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth. For best results follow with toner and serum or moisturizer. View full details

Customer Reviews

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Rudy Dillon
Amazing, of course!

I work outside and I’m pushing 40, so I switched to this after using the Ready, Set, Glow! Serum cuz I feel so dried out.
It’s amazing! It’s suuuuper versatile, I love using it as a cleanser or just a moisturizer. Also, I started putting a couple pumps in my bath water sometimes and love what it does to the water- I can feel it moisturizing my all my skin.
Best part is: this stuff lasts foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. My bottle lasted me like 9 months and I wasn’t stingy with it. It’s so nice feeling like I am being super good to my skin without having to overthink it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review! I am so happy you are enjoying this! I haven't tried putting it my bath, but I can't wait to try it!


My usual oil based face cleanser was out of stock and I realized SGH had one. The bottle is a generous size, it smells and feels amazing, and it definitely makes my face happy.

I am so happy you gave it a try and it is making your skin happy!

fantastic for rosacea

i have been using this for my rosacea for several years and it has been a game changer for my face

I absolutely love tansy for rosacea! I am so happy it is working well for you!