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Farm Armor Deodorant


Our best selling deodorant is baking soda and aluminum free, gentle on skin, but tough on stink!



arrowroot*, magnesium hydroxide, coconut oil*, shea butter*, jojoba oil*, beeswax, and essential oils of either patchouli* & sweet orange*/ rosemary* & cedar*/ lavender*

All these forces come together to create a real stink fighter!
Note: texture may vary season to season. The melting point of each of the oils is different and may fluctuate during shipment. You can slowly warm, remix, and cool slowly if you do not like the texture. Either way, it will work just the same!

All herbs used in our products are grown on our farm using organic methods, sourced from local farms we trust, or sustainably wild-crafted unless otherwise stated. We strive to tread lightly and give back to the earth by using organic, and regenerative farming methods. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Maria Andruschenko
Farm Armor Deodorant

I’ve been using both the lavender and patchouli orange for about 3 weeks and I can’t love them enough! They haven’t clogged my lymph nodes like other natural products. The scent is subtle, and I smell good all day long! I don’t feel I’m any more or less sweaty than if I used a name brand antiperspirant. 💛

Thank you so much for the review! I am so happy to know that it is working well for you. One of the main reasons we keep our deodorants as a cream is for the gentle lymphatic stimulation you get from applying. Thank you again!

Emerald Tidwell

I have tried almost every single brand of “natural” deodorant on the market over the past 10 years and never really found one that worked well for me until I tried this one about two years ago and have been using it since. I love it even more because it’s locally made with love and intention! I will be using only this deodorant until Nicole decides to stop making it and I’m forced to find a new option. 💗

Thank you so much! We are super stoked this is working so well for you! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Jess Wilson
My favorite

I absolutely love this deodorant. I am an actual farmer and it keeps me from smelling like one (at least under my clothes)! I especially love that I'm not using a massive amount of plastic solely to transport deodorant to my armpits and I'm supporting another hardworking local farmer who cares about the earth!

YAY! This is what we love to hear! I am so happy this is working well for you! Thank you for letting us know!

The best!

I love this deodorant so much. There was a brief moment when it wasn’t available and I tried to find a replacement and there is no replacement!! The patchouli orange scent is a perfect blend and not overpowering.

Thank you so much! We are so happy to be back. I am glad it works so well for you! We appreciate you!

Sarah W
Amazing deodorant!

I’m a stinky sweat-er…always have been. But I know that so many deodorants are SO bad for you. So I’ve tried to move to more natural deodorants. I did get to the point I was no longer using aluminum fill deodorants, but getting truly clean ingredients had the same cycle when I tried a deodorant…I’d use it for a while, like it, but then either it would stop working entirely and I’d smell or my armpits would become extremely irritated. Aaaand then I’d be looking to switch again. For a while I just settled on making sure that I wasn’t using aluminum filled ones, and just accepted that I might need more toxic ones with artificial fragrance and other ingredients I did not love to work & not irritate my skin.

A friend one day posted about using Stomping Ground Herbals deodorant and I figured I’d give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve been using it for several months … and with truly quality ingredients it WORKS and doesn’t irritate my skin AT ALL. Even with the other deodorants that sorta worked, I often would have to do a pit wash and reapply deodorant during the hot days or when I was working hard. This deodorant works SO well and I don’t have to wash & reapply at all.

My armpit skin feels better than it has in YEARS and the little tubs last forever. I bought several containers assuming I’d go through it fast…nope. Couple months in and I’m still using the first container. I wasn’t sure how I felt about having to apply it with my fingers, but it really isn’t bad and goes on easily. Also is easy to quickly get the residual leftovers off my fingers.

I HIGHLY recommend Stomping Ground Herbals. I truly believe you will be so pleased with your decision to try it.

WOW! Thank you so much for this amazing review! I am so happy you are loving it!

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