Meet the Maker

The plot of land nestled in East Nashville that birthed Stomping Ground Herbals also grew its
creator and plant magic-maker, Nicole Mattingly. Raised in an intergenerational household,
some of Nicole’s earliest memories were alongside her beloved Granny Rose who cultivated in
Nicole a love for the earth and a knack for creating nourishing concoctions.
The same spirit of creativity, beauty and discovery that adorn her earliest and most tender
childhood memories are now woven through the fabric of her business. In 2010, Nicole’s
passion for gardening began to take shape alongside her love of skincare and the many
expressions of herbalism. She found purpose and place in stewarding the same soil that she
had tended alongside her great-grandmother, growing vegetables and herbs while crafting a
community around shared values of sustainability, ancestral knowledge, community care,
self-expression, justice and belonging.
In 2014, an early iteration of Stomping Ground Herbals began to bloom and has since unfurled
into a seed-to-skin brand providing luxury products that serve to celebrate and affirm both the
beauty of the sustainably sourced ingredients and the deep value of the people who integrate
SGH’s offerings into their self-care rhythms.
Today, Nicole and her sweet husband, Nick, once again call her stomping grounds home and
create Leaping Bunny Certified products in a tiny off-grid solar-powered apothecary. Each SHG
product is a reflection of their deep commitment to ethically sourced plant-based ingredients and
the joyful discovery that sustainable beauty products have no single aesthetic. SGH is filled with
products that encourage a reconnection to whimsy and color. Nicole notes that by creating
shimmery products of adornment and nourishment from the plants she tends, she is healing her
inner child, coming home to herself, and inviting others to do the same.
Learn more about SGH’s evolution by checking out Nicole’s interview with Canvas Rebel.


    We stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We support and work for systematic change and racial justice. We use a portion of our revenue to pay reparations monthly.


    We stand with the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We want to make sure humans of all identities feel welcome, seen, and safe. We gladly donate skin soothing salves to individuals undergoing gender affirming surgery (please email us if interested).


    We work diligently to implement a low waste system for our business. We donate a portion of our revenue to offsetting carbon emissions. Our studio is solar powered to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We only use organic farming methods and support other small farms with our same values.

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