Matcha Nettle Mask

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Do you love Matcha as much as we do? Bentonite Clay, matcha, and farm grown herbs come together to create a blend that is full of antioxidants helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten skin. Bentonite clay is also fantastic for removing toxins from the pores gently, allowing skin to heal. This blend is for all skin types. 
We recommend mixing with a little water, honey, mylk, or yogurt! Take care and wear something that you don't care if it gets stained, matcha's bright hue loves to stick around on fabric! When you remove this mask, expect your skin to be flush. Flushing is a natural part of this process. Blood comes to the surface of the skin to help make repairs and when it is done, your skin will glow! Of course, if redness persists, please be mindful and discontinue use.

This mask comes in a .75oz glass jar. Please reuse or recycle. #reusewithstompingground

INGREDIENTS: organic matcha, bentonite clay, farm grown nettle and passion flower

All herbs used in our products are grown on our farm using organic methods, sourced from local farms we trust, or sustainably wild-crafted unless otherwise stated. We strive to tread lightly and give back to the earth by using organic, and regenerative farming methods. 

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