Our Pledge to you for 2019

Jan 10th 2019

We vow to you and our planet to drastically reduce our plastic use for 2019. We promise to package each of our products in reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging moving forward. A couple of our products such as lip balms are currently in plastic tubes. This is something that is completely against our mission as a company and our values as individuals. We are currently working on selling down the stock of what we have, then we will make the big switch! A lot of you reached out to us this year wanting our lip tints to be packaged in fancy slimline tubes. We tried this, and although they look very sexy, we just aren’t willing to make that sacrifice anymore. If you are a fan of our lip tints, please help us sell down our stock! These little babies are normally $12 each, but we are selling them for $8 until they are gone! We are so excited to get in some new Earth friendly packaging for you as soon as they sell out! We do realize that some plastic such as the lids on dropper bottles cannot be avoided, but this is where we are going to ask for your help. Reuse those bottles! And when you do, show us how you are doing it on Instagram! Tag us and use the hashtag #reusewithstompingground to be featured on our Instagram and receive 10% your next purchase. Let’s make this world a better place together and never let money come before our values!



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