Nicole Mattingly’s passion for tending the earth was born working alongside her great-grandmother, Rose, growing vegetables and herbs on land in the heart of Nashville. Today, guided by the knowledge passed down by Rose, Nicole tends to the very same piece of land-  land that now produces the herbs for the plant magic of Stomping Ground Herbals.

After many unsatisfying years of working an office job, Nicole returned to her roots. In 2010, she began growing herbs on the same land as her great grandmother and using them to make herbal tinctures, elixirs, skincare, and teas under the name Double N Urban Farm and Apothecary. She embarked on a journey of studying herbalism under the Wise Woman tradition to further her knowledge, and in 2015 left her office job to follow her passion and pursue her apothecary business full time.

Today, Nicole grows nearly eighty medicinal and culinary herbs and flowers with no chemicals or pesticides. These naturally grown herbs and flowers are used with intention in every one of Stomping Ground Herbals’ products. The Stomping Ground Herbals brand is sold around the country, and you can find Nicole herself selling her products and sharing her folk herbalism knowledge at multiple farmers markets and events in the Nashville area.

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